Formula E Rules and Regulations

Qualifying Format

Qualifying and Super Pole shoot-out – Qualifying determines the order the drivers will start the race, with the fastest driver lining-up in first place and slowest at the back. The session lasts one hour and sees drivers divided into four groups of up to six cars, defined by their position in the championship. For the first race of the season, however, the order is decided by where they finished overall in the previous season.

Once out, each driver has six minutes to set their best time, with the top-six drivers proceeding to the Super Pole shoot-out in a bid to secure Julius Baer Pole Position and an additional three points. During the Super Pole shoot-out, the drivers go out one-by-one, with the sixth fastest driver from the group stages going out first. When they cross the line to start their flying lap, the pitlane light turns green and the fifth fastest driver heads out. This is repeated until all six drivers have completed a lap.

Power – 250kW is available throughout.


Two Championships